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2. MS Paint – a simple two – dimensional drawing program.

A. MS Paint Vocabulary

1.      Select – to make item active, most often done by clicking on it or dragging over the item

2.      Cut (Ctrl + X) – Deletes item from screen and saves it to clipboard memory.

3.      Copy (Ctrl + C) – Copies item to clipboard memory and leaves item on screen

4.      Paste (Ctrl + V) – Copies item in clipboard memory and put onto screen.

  5.      Undo (Ctrl + Z) – To take back last action done.

6.      Crop – Removes a selected area from an image.

7.      Brush tool – tool used to draw an image. Brushes may be set to variety of sizes and shapes.

8.      Lasso tool – tool used to click around the shape or color of an object you want to select.

9.      Airbrush tool – tool that acts like spray can to draw an image.

  10. Eraser tool – tool that may be used to delete a portion of an image.

B. Here is an example image I made in MS paint:

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